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The 904 Store is a unique website for the classic Porsche and race car enthusiast. We are here to provide an automotive brokerage service to assist you in the sales or acquisition of your classic race car.

The 904 Stores owner, Heinz Heinrich, has a rich background in European Rallying and Motor sport dating back to 1963. He still enjoys and participates in many levels of motor sports racing today.

He has arranged 41 Porsche 904 GTS sales to this day, that is nearly 40% of the total production! He has provided history and authenticated numerous 904s, and Heinz is seen by many as "The" expert on the Porsche 904 GTS & the 904 - 6 cylinder factory cars. Heinz has also participated in, or managed numerous 904 restorations to their original factory specs.


The Website for the Porsche 904 GTS (also known as the Porsche Carrera GTS) Enthusiast/Collector.
Specializing in Porsche 904 Sales, Authentication, History, Restorations, and Fabrication.

A Subsidiary of Sport Auto Enterprises of California, USA
Heinz Heinrich - Proprietor
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